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Äonic Automat in the Watchtime

Rüdiger Bucher presents the innovative watch
Äonic: Prototyp der Automat in Schwarz

We would like to thank Rüdiger Bucher for featuring our watch, the Äonic Automat, in his article. His contribution has given us the opportunity to draw attention to our extraordinary timepiece. The Äonic Automat marks a significant step for our Äonic brand. Rüdiger Bucher's article highlights the special features and impressive design of this product, which displays the time on discs and emphasizes the minutes. In collaboration with the prestigious watch manufacturer Damasko, we have developed a remarkable clockwork and case for this product. We are proud that our Äonic Automat was featured in this article and thank Rüdiger Bucher for his support and attention.

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